Wednesday 25 March 2009

Tail docking - banned in the UK, legal in Ireland

This week, I discussed tail docking on my TV3 slot. Click here to watch it.


ADA said...

Through Google I have just been able to view your TV interview. You covered the subject very succinctly.
My understanding is that in N Ireland the law is still governed by the 1991/93 Veterinary Surgeons' Act whereby it is illegal for a lay person to dock dogs' tails and they can only be docked for prophylactic or therapeutic reasons by Vets. (Prophylactic always being the loophole word used by Vets who persisted in docking). In Eire the regulation is different as you say. You were so right about the trade now going on between Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. Breeders have moved from England to Ireland to be able to retain their "right" to be able to dock.
Some breeders in England are exporting undocked puppies to the States where they are being docked. Moves are afoot with great opposition in some of the US States to ban docking cropping etc.

tracymorgan said...

i think ,do gudders should keep there nose out of tail docking,but its ok for them to have there dogs balls to be cut off ooooouch,,,,

cfitz08 said...

Tail docking serves NO benefit to the dog.

Neutering erradicates the risk of testicular cancer and significantly reduces the risk of prostate problems and mammary tumours, not to mention preventing the birth of more unwanted puppies.

Neutering is carried out under general anaesthesia whereas docking is carried out WITHOUT any form of pain relief.