Saturday 10 October 2009

Q & A on television

This week's televised questions and answers include the following:
1. My two year old Bassett Hound won’t walk with a lead on him. How can I train him to do this?
2. My cat keeps bringing back live frogs. Is this normal?
3. My Golden Retriever has had colitis for the past few months and has been on heavy treatment. Can this condition be cured?
4. Our hens have bubbling mucus from their beaks every so often. Is this a cold, and can I get something for them?
5.My cat has started spraying in the same spot in my house. I’ve cleaned it with antiseptic but he won’t stop – what can I do?
6. What can be done with an old dog whose eye has gone cloudy, and who’s losing his hair?
7. Our cat has brought fleas into our house and we can’t get rid of them. Any suggestions?