Monday 26 October 2009

Video Q&A - cats and dogs this week

My latest video Q&A is now online. See it by clicking here. Queries answered were:

1. My cat had a miscarriage of 3 kittens last night. First litter, just one-year-old. Is this common?

2. I have a 12 week old King Charles puppy. How can I stop him biting?

3. When can I get my Yorkie bitch neutered? She has seven pups 18 days ago. She's five years old.

4. I gave my dog a worm tablet and he got sick that evening. Will I have to give him the tablet again?

5. I want to put an overweight King Charles on a diet to lose weight. He's a five-year-old male neutered dog. What can I do?

6. Our cat keeps biting off her fur, mostly on her back legs and tail. What can this be?