Friday 2 October 2009

Video questions and answers

This week's video question and answer session can be seen here. Queries answered were as follows: 1. My cat claws anything and everything – from the sofa to our clothes. How can I get her to stop?
2. How can I tame four wild kittens that have arrived on my door step? I feed them but they’re terrified of us. No animal welfare place will take them.
3. My four-year-old cat has a permanent drip from her mouth. Antibiotics helped, but they’re finished now, and it’s back.
4. My pup has an itchy back just on top of his tail. I’ve treated for fleas with drops on the back of his neck. What else can I do?
5. I recently had a baby and until then my cat had ruled the house. I don’t allow her inside any more as I’m worried she’ll harm my son. Is this the right thing to do?